Who I am and why Im Here.

Hello Everyone Im Margo 52 years young and I've lived a incredibly challenging life . Im not complaining but im here to tell parts of my story I wish to publish as a book someday But I thought I'd  start here and maybe my struggles might inspire help or encourage someone . 
        Feel free to to tell your story leave a comment , share one of your favorite songs and if you all would help me out and share it would help me grow this site,

So average humans age 70 years upon death my have 1 -3 life changing events per lifetime and 3 is on thie high side. Some fly through trials with flying colors . Some struggle with grief depression or other forms  mental illness Ptsd and some of us go thru 13 and consider themselves lucky if the firstly wake up and secondly still remember their name upon waking . Or commit sucicide and forget the world that was so unfair.